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Annapolis Home Brew beer kits are divided into three families:

  1. Premium Recipes.  We've spent the last 15 years developing these tried-and-true recipe kits to help you get good results in any category.  Each ingredient is labelled for how and when to use it.  The individual contents are listed so you can recreate or tweak the recipe in the future.  This is ideal for brewers who need all the details for their logbook or brewing software.
  2. Brewmaster's Secret Recipes.  These kits don't include a detailed list of contents... because they're secret!  These are our famous exclusive recipes which can be found nowhere else.  Each ingredient is carefully labelled for how and when to use it, but Brewmaster's Secret may not be the best choice for those who absolutely require full detail for logbook or brewing software.
  3. Pro Series Recipes.  If you're willing to put in a little extra effort you'll be delighted with these kits.  Available only in Partial Mash and All Grain to take full advantage of our 100+ different brewing grains.  Partial Mash can be brewed on a stovetop with a 20 quart pot and a good thermometer.  Exact contents are listed on the labels so you can enter the recipe in your logbook or software.

All AHB recipes include everything but water and empty bottles.  Each makes 5 gallons using standard home brewing equipment.

The links below will show recipes from all three families.  To view them separately choose Premium or Brewmaster's Secret or Pro Series