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Boilermaker™ Electric Brew Pots

Each electric BoilerMaker™ has a BoilCoil™ electric heater pre-installed...

G2 BoilerMaker™ Pots:

BoilerMaker™ G2 is a no-compromise premium brew pot packed with standard features like a patent pending linear flow drain valve that can be oriented in any direction and disassembles in seconds for cleaning. This US-assembled single piece construction pot carries a lifetime limited warranty. From the sleek easy to clean surface finish, to the cool touch custom molded grips, durable easy to read level gauge, snap-in drain tube, the informative BrewMometer™ and broad suite of accessories like our patented Button Louver™ false bottom, patented HopBlocker™ and AutoSparge™, this pot defines awesomeness. The BoilerMaker™ G2 is clearly in a class of its own.

Every Boilermaker™ Includes:
*Adjustable BrewMometer™
*3-piece Stainless Ball Valve
*Sight Glass made from heavy duty borosilicate glass which never clouds or scratches.
*Stainless Steel Guard for sight glass, with laser etched volume graduations.
*Cleaning Brush & Clean-out Ports for sight glass.
*Dip Tube an exclusive design which installs without tools, and drains the pot to within 3/8” of the bottom.
*Handles are oriented to make carrying easier, and the lid stores neatly on the pot handle.
*Stepped bottom on pot supports mash screen and virtually eliminate sidewall shunting of sparge water.

Key to top performance of your new BoilerMaker™ brew pot is selecting the size that best fits your brewing needs. Selecting too small, or too big of a brew pot, mash tun, or hot liquor tank (HLT) can cause frustration and poor performance.

Boil kettles: We recommend a boil kettle approximately 2 times the size of the finished batch size. Although this may sound like a bit much, a 10 gal batch will typically start with 13-14 gal pre-boil once you compensate for cooling contraction, transfer losses, and boil off. This will allow for a reasonable head space to reduce boil-over problems. For example, if you're a 10gal batch brewer, you'd select the 20 gal BoilerMaker™ brew pot as your boil kettle.

Mash Vessels: We recommend filling your mash vessel no more than 75% of capacity. This will allow sufficient space for dough-in of the grains and additions of sparge water and sparge arms, etc. Each pot's description (below) includes various water to grist ratios to assist you in your selection. Minimum volumes are to ensure that the thermometer probe is adequately submerged, and also so you have an adequate grain bed depth for proper wort filtration. The BoilerMaker™ brew pot sizes have been designed to seamlessly blend from size to size, so you'll never need to sacrifice.

Hot Liquor Tanks: We recommend sizing your HLT the same size as your mash tun to ensure you have plenty of sparge water available on brew day.

BoilCoil™ Electric Heater:

This new Blichmann Engineering™ innovation redefines electric heating! Unrivaled performance, speed, and simplicity. Just plug in a BoilCoil™ immersion heater for immediate, high efficiency heat. Ideal for indoor brewing and a perfect companion for your BoilerMaker™G2 brew kettle.

*Each BoilCoil™ is engineered to perform optimally in your BoilerMaker™G2 brew kettle for consistent heating performance, boil quality, and boil-off rates
*Removable custom engineered plug means cleaning is a snap - no dangling power cord tethered to your kettle!
*Coil configuration hugs the wall of the kettle to encourage convective boil characteristics to drive off DMS and other volatiles and does not interfere with whirlpooling
*The 240V BoilCoil™ includes a "plug and play" 12 ft factory wired cable with a molded twist-lock L6-30P plug on one end, and our custom removable plug on the other end
*Less than Ultra low watt density means NO chance of scorching when used as directed
*Features a professional and reliable connection and sealing system engineered specifically for homebrew kettles
*Compatible with the HopBlocker™ kettle filter
*Couple with our new electric TOWER of POWER™ controller for the ultimate in temperature control. Visit our TOWER of POWER™ page for more detail!

Note - these electric BoilerMaker™ kettles are suitable for heating strike water in your mash tun but is NOT suitable for step mashing. The grain impedes convective flow of the wort and scorching will result. However, our RIMS-Rocket™ is a great choice for step mashing since the grain is never in direct contact with your wort.

Note - The above information is for evaluation purposes only. Neither Blichmann Engineering or Annapolis Home Brew is responsible for incidental or consequential damages from use of this information.

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Blichmann Electric 7.5 Gallon BoilerMaker™ 120v

New "V2" Updated Version! For 5 gallon batches

Blichmann Electric 10 Gallon BoilerMaker™ 120v

New "V2" Updated Version! For 5 gallon batches

Blichmann Electric 10 Gallon BoilerMaker™ 240v

New "V2" Updated Version! For 5 gallon batches

Blichmann Electric 15 Gallon BoilerMaker™ 240v

New "V2" Updated Version! For 10 gallon batches

Blichmann Electric 20 Gallon BoilerMaker™ 240v

New "V2" Updated Version! For 10-15 gallon batches

Blichmann Electric 30 Gallon BoilerMaker™ 240v

New "V2" Updated Version! For 15-20 gallon batches

Blichmann Electric 55 Gallon BoilerMaker™ 240v

New "V2" Updated Version! For 30 gallon or 1bbl batches

Blichmann KettleKart

Modular cart makes it easy to brew and transport your gas or electric BoilerMaker