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Colonna Universal Capper and Corker

Beer Capper and Wine Corker
SKU: 32704

This unit is extremely tough and durable.  It uses a heavy nylon gear mechanism to push straight down on the crimping bell.  The handle lever is close linked so there's no tendency for the capper to fall forward as you pull down.

There are two adjustments.  By pulling out & rotating the handle gear you can change the extension of the crimping bell (or cork pusher.)  For best results set it so that the gear is all the way down when the cork pusher fully depresses the cork compressor... but no farther.  You should be able to leave it set there.  The second adjustment involves simply moving the metal base plate to adjust for different bottle heights.  This unit may take a few seconds longer to adjust, but it's built like a tank.

When operating as a capper, this type simply pushes the cap down to crimp it, it is unaffected by differences in the bottle's lower lip design.  That makes it very useful for capping certain Canadian & European (and a few American) bottles which have a shorter gap between the upper and lower lip.  Also works well for pushing Zorks into wine bottles or Champagne Stoppers into Champagne bottles.

We've seen a few reports online of people experienceing problems with these cappers.  They're almost always due to having the wrong sized crimping bell.  The manufacturer is supposed to supply the US version with the 26.5mm crimping bell.  However, mistakes do occur.  If you accidentally received a 29mm, 30mm, or 32mm crimping bell, you'll have issues.  Look closely; the size is stamped into the metal crimping head.