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Buon Vino MiniJet Filter

Powered filter suitable for wine or beer
SKU: 60300

Excellent power filter for home winemakers and beer brewers.  This powered filter is superior to air-pressure filters, which are very slow and oxidize the beer or wine.  Includes intake tube with anti-sediment tip, output tube, and drain tube for the built-in drip pan.

Filters a 5-6 gallon batch in less than 10 minutes.  It's easy to insert, tighten, and then remove the filter pads. The filter pads are cleverly designed so you can't accidentally put them in backwards.

You can bypass the filter plates making the Mini Jet a racking pump. Uses three filter pads at a time. Like all plate-and-frame filters, the pads aren't sequential (the wine/beer doesn't go through the pads one after another). Instead, the wine/beer splits into three different channels and each passes through one filter pad, then the output is combined. Three small pads act like one big filter, but allows a much more compact filter body. Always use three identical pads at a time.  If you want to run coarse filtration followed by fine polishing filtration, you make two passes through the filter. You can filter out suspended yeast and chill haze for sparkling bright beer, but only filter beer after it's chilled and allowed to settle at least 48 hours, or the pads will clog quickly.