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Limited Release Red Velvet Port

Selection Speciale 3-gallon "All Juice" Winemaking Kit
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Rich and velvety notes of dark berry with a hint of moist sponge cake enveloped in decadent cocoa.
Sweetness: 7
Body: Full
Alcohol by volume: 17% abv
Makes thirty (30) 375ml bottles.
Includes 30 bottle labels!

These are non-concentrated kits so you won't add any water. In fact, each kit contains a little more than 3 gallons of juice since you're expected to lose a little volume when siphoning.

This Limited Edition item is available only by pre-order. The deadline is Monday May 16, 2016 at 12:00 noon EST. The kits are expected to arrive in Audust. We'll ship your kits as soon as we receive them, or notify you via email if you chose in-store pickup.

NOTES: You can use a standard 6.5 or 7.9 gallon bucket for primary fermentation because extra space in  primary doesn't hurt. For secondary fermentation & clarification you need a 3 gallon carboy since extra airspace is harmful in secondary. If you prefer to use your 6 gallon carboy it's okay to combine 2 of these kits into a single 6-gallon batch.