Annapolis Home Brew

Selection Grape Skins

Contents - 18 liters (4.75 gallons) of varietal juice and grape skins.
Makes - 6 US gallons (30 standard 750ml bottles.)
Included Extras - Yeast, all necessary additives, instructions.
Time - Ready to bottle in 6 to 8 weeks. Ageing is up to you - just 3-4 months makes a big difference.
Compare To - Store-bought wines costing $18.00 to $30.00 (or more) per bottle.

Selection Grape Skin winemaking kits are designed to meet all of the expectations of the serious and patient winemaker. Containing 18 liters of 100% pure varietal grape juice, varietal grape juice concentrate, and grape skins with perfectly balanced pH, acid and tannin levels, this superb product combines simplicity with predictable results in a kit which yields wine of great flavor, aroma and complexity. Expect deep, full-bodied wines which are ready in 6 to 8 weeks but also develop wonderfully with age.

Selection Grape Skin wine kits are enormous, containing over 4.75 gallons of juice and concentrate, so you aren't adding much water to make 6 gallons of wine. The contents are mostly un-concentrated, which means more flavor and aroma. The grape sking allow for ultimate complexity in tannic, full-bodied red wine varieties.  These fantastic wines only cost about $4-$5 per bottle to make! The winemaking process is very easy. All of the necessary equipment is included in our winemaking starter kits. The only other thing you need is clean water and 30 empty bottles.